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Your photo session

1. How long does the photo session last? I give everyone 1 hour. Sometimes a full hour is required particularly for large groups or if young children and babies are nervous or upset. For small groups and individuals it can often take 30 – 45 minutes. Please therefore arrive promptly at the arranged time. If you are late I may have to reschedule as I am strongly against hurrying or rushing your session especially with young children and babies.

2. Do we have a choice of colour or black and white? Yes, all images are taken in colour which means at your viewing we can show you both options. Some images are better suited for colour, some for black and white and I am happy to advise at your viewing.

3. We see you also do outdoor portraits. Can we have some photos taken outdoors as well? Yes, absolutely. I have a garden area right next to the studio which has been designed specifically for photography. Occasionally young children and toddlers can feel a little intimidated in a studio so this always is an excellent alternative. They can suddenly become more relaxed and natural once outside. This is of course dependent on weather and the wearing of suitable clothing. If this is of interest please let me know beforehand so I can arrange the session accordingly. I can also go to a favourite location or even your home but this would require more planning and time.

4. Can you advise us on suitable clothing? This is very important, particularly for groups. Most important is to avoid loud, bright colours, strong patterns and designs. If you are in a group try and co ordinate your clothing. So, for example, wear all light/pastel clothing or all dark clothing but do not mix the two. The plainer the clothing the better. If you are conscious about your weight avoid tight and short skirts and trousers and try, if possible, to wear long sleeved tops. Its also a good idea to bring a set of dark and light coloured clothing which I can co ordinate with our different backgrounds.

5. Any other tips? Yes, here are some more –

* Glasses – If you have non reflective lenses please bring them. Also empty frames will work just as well if you have any. Please try to avoid light reactive glasses if possible.

* Hair – Please bring combs and hair clips/bands if anyone has long hair.

* Make up – Try and avoid anything too shiny and just a little more than you usually wear.

* Props and accessories – I always encourage this as they can help make great portraits. Things like hats, scarves and unusual clothing or anything to do with hobbies will make the portrait more interesting and personal.

* Young children, toddlers and babies – Please ensure that they are well rested and fed before the session. I also recommend you do not rehearse them to smile as this will often result in false and fake expressions. Just play it down and leave them to us to get the most natural expressions, after all its our job to do so. During the session its best to not get involved as they may feel the need to ‘perform’ and can easily become camera shy. The studio is very quiet and serene which plays a very important part in getting natural and real expressions. Finally do not offer bribes such as snacks and sweets. These can not only make their faces messy but once started they may not want to stop eating for quite a while.

6. What happens if we cant attend due to illness? If you think someone is not going to be well enough for the session please try and give me as much notice as possible. We will then re schedule for a later date, subject to availability. Things like scratches, bruises, rashes, runny noses etc…. are very common with babies and children but do not worry about this. All of this can be very successfully retouched at no extra cost

Your viewing session

1. When can we view our photos? Usually the following week after your photo shoot. If you have far to travel we can occasionally do it straight after your session so please warn me first. Or if you require the photos quicker (birthday/xmas gift) I can arrange it much sooner. Because of the bespoke nature of your portraits all viewings are done in person at the studio.

2. How long does a viewing last? I give everyone 1 hour. Sometimes it may take longer particularly with large groups and in this instance I will book out up to 2 hours.

3. Can we bring our children to the viewing? Children become very bored and restless so I recommend you do not bring them. Selecting your images does require quite a bit of thought and concentration so the less distractions you have the better.

4. What should we do before the viewing? Have a think about where you would like to display your portraits as well as the decor and available wall space. Also think about any you may want for gifts such as birthdays, anniversaries, father’s day etc….The viewing session is the time to make your selection and purchase of images so please make sure those who have a say in the decision making will be present. Second viewings are charged at £30.

5. What can we expect at the viewing session? I will show you anything from 20 to 50 images on a large 50 inch TV. You will be able to go slowly through each image one by one as well as viewing groups of images on one screen making it very easy to compare. I can also show you black and white as well as colour and advise you on the most suitable presentation.  I also offer basic retouching and can advise you what will be most effective. Once you’ve made your selection I ask for a deposit or you can pay in full. All major cards accepted. I also offer monthly installments (up to 6 months) should you wish to spread the cost. You will then be advised on the approximate completion date (10 to 14 days for prints/digital images and 3 to 4 weeks for large framed images).

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