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Tina was my second Lockdown Hero volunteer.

I’ve known her many years now as she is also a photographer like myself. She is also a Social Care worker which was the reason why we did the photo shoot outdoors at Reading University.

black and white outdoor portrait of lady leaning against brick wall

You can read below how this pandemic has affected her –

Tina Panting
Age 54
Born in Reading
Live in Earley

Social Care worker in Sheltered Accommodation, supporting our elderly to live independently/ part time photographer – currently non existent but with ideas on projects to support people in Covid19 through my photography.

photo shoot of lady stading in sunny field

I think this pandemic has affected me personally by making me scared. It’s made me realise how fragile and small we are, and how also amid all the debates, wars, and issues / arguments that go on everyday – they’re all irrelevant. They don’t mean anything really. Life can be gone in a flash.

If I was pm I would have shut the boarders and airports early on, sourced PPE from companies in the U.K. ASAP and I wouldn’t have lifted restrictions as soon as they did. I definitely wouldn’t send five-year-olds back to school first. I’m not worried what my friends or colleagues think that’s my views and I don’t mind it being shown.

Looking to the future I think it will change things for a few years, it’s got to because of the severity and how much it’s affected everything.
I’d like to think it will make people kinder and think more of each other although it’s human nature for trials and tribulations to carry on. It’s like the Spanish flu and the first and second world wars, we can’t or could never have imagined how it was, but this is a link and this is our version of it.
We’ve never seen anything like it through it. It does make me feel closer to any other human being, even people I haven’t met than I ever have felt before. It brings home that no one is immortal and that physical possessions are really quite meaningless over health and well being.

Tina xx