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Jinal was my next volunteer for my Lockdown Heroes project. Read her story below –

1. Name: Jinal Patel

2. Place of birth: Suva, Fiji

3. Where you live now: Woodley, Berkshire.

4. Occupation: Pharmacy/Oncology Technician

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5. How has the pandemic affected you and your family professionally and personally?

Professionally I became a keyworker overnight after the lockdown was announced. Personally my family had to adapt working and schooling from home. At times this has caused us great strain.

6. If you were PM would you have done anything differently:
Would have called for lockdown much earlier and more widespread testing.

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7. Looking to the future do you think this pandemic will change the world for the good ?
Yes, I hope people will finally wake up and realise we mustn’t take health for granted. Life isn’t a rat race, therefore make time for friends and family. And try to be less materialistic.

Hope that’s OK.