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I’ve always loved the Hollywood portraits from the 20’s and 30’s so when a rare opportunity arose to attend a workshop on this very subject I jumped at the chance. This was run by portrait master Trevor Yerbury and his wife Faye at their studio just outside Edinburgh and, rather appropiately, on the same day as the Oscars.

Below are some favourites I took of Nicola and Lauren who are two up and coming models from Peebles and Glasgow. Unlike modern studio portraits these are taken without flash but instead with a tungsten spotlight ( Fresnel Light). These take a little getting used to as they emit a hard light which causes http://healthsavy.com/product/cialis/ strong shadows. So they need to be placed very specifically, usually a couple of feet above head height, pointing downwards toward the sitter to give that classic Hollywood look with the shadow under the nose and jawline.

I intend to do more of this in the coming months. Once I’ve perfected and tweaked a few things I’ll be offering it to those (men as well as women) who want to experience a little glamour and something a bit different to the usual studio portraits. So watch this space.

Once again a big thanks to Trevor and Faye for arranging this and also to Nicola and Lauren for being so patient (especially when I was struggling with an unfamiliar camera !)