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Mum to be with young daughter embracing bump eyes closed




Here is another questionnaire completed by a Mum to be telling us how she is coping during this pandemic. I hope there’s some useful tips there for anyone in a similar situation.

1. Do you have any other children ? Just names and ages please if you do.
No other children.

2. With your baby arriving during lockdown do you have any worries about any aftercare you may need ?
No concerns about aftercare as midwifes are still currently making home visits after birth.

3. Had you heard or read any online/on social media articles about what might happen differently?
Yes, all women are being tested for COVID-19 when arriving at hospital and being separated from the rest of the ward if you have symptoms. You are also only currently allowed one birth partner rather than two and no visitors are allowed on the postnatal ward.

4. Do you have any advice for ladies who are probably going to give birth over the next few weeks whilst we are still in lockdown?
My advice would be not to worry about the situation as the hospital staff are well prepared to look after you and make your birth experience as “normal” as possible.