Here’s a great opportunity to help raise funds and awareness for a local Sickle Cell Anaemia charity, Cianna’s Smile. At the same time you can also have a fantastic photo shoot at a very reduced price.

Very simply for just £25 you can have a photo shoot (family, kids, babies, adults etc….) You will also receive a 1 beautiful desktop image of your choice. The normal cost of this is £160 (£100 session fee, £60 desk print) which is all yours for just £25. And the good news is that the £25 that you pay will be passed on to Cianna’s Smile to help with their fund raising and to raise awareness at the same time. You can of course purchase extra images from your session although there is no obligation to do so as we have always been very much against pressure selling.

The photo above is of Cianna (taken by fellow pro Carey Sheffield) who is the young daughter and grand daughter of my good friends Hayley King and Joyce Connor (btw, they are both excellent bridal hair and make up artists so get in touch if you are a bride to be !) Hayley was telling me that http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/erectile-dysfunction/ this is one of the most common genetic disease in the world with very unpleasant symptoms. And unfortunately not much is known about this disease and treatment can be inconsistent and variable. You can read more about it from a recent article in Get Reading.  Later on this year, 17th September, Hayley and Joyce have a arranged a fantastic Masquerade Ball at the Caversham Crown Plaza to raise more funds and awareness. So something for your diary.

If you would like to take advantage of this you can do so by calling me on 0118 966 7676 or by email info@neilpalmerphotography.co.uk  with the subject ‘Cianna’s Smile’

Or simply complete the form below. Once I’ve heard from you I’ll be in touch asap by phone or email to arrange your photo session. I look forward to hearing from you.